Sunday, January 12, 2014

That Other Astro in Triple Threads

There's another Astro player in Triple Threads this year other than Biggio????? What?!?!?! Certainly it's Bagwell, Altuve, Nolan or J.R. Richard, right? Ummmmm.... no.... It's a guy who shot up the minors, then hasn't produced at the major league level. So mediocre, he was taken off the 40 man roster before the Rule 5 draft, and not a single other team placed a claim on him. Sigh... I decided to go ahead and pick up just one version of each of the two cards that Topps made for him in this set. Once again, another way I'd do things differently if I were at Topps, you know I'd actually pay attention to teams' rosters and not pick guys who are going to be released within the same year. May same problem with Carlos Pena being one of the Museum Collection selections before the season. Anyways, here's the obligatory scan... :-)
Coincidentally, I just happened to buy the "Sepia" /75 parallel of each of these cards. They are nice looking cards at all! Got them both for less than $8 shipped from two different auctions. Somehow I still feel like I overspent! HA! Hopefully J.D. turns things around in Spring Training and possibly lay claim to the LF spot. Maybe his injury prone days of hitting near the Mendoza line are done... I'm not betting on it though!

I know, I know, you all are saying, "He complains if Topps ignores the Astros, he complains if they put Astros in the set." Valid argument. But I have a feeling the "big team" fans would feel the same way if they got 2 players in a high end set, one was an A-Lister and the other was a D-lister. Anyways, have a great day and enjoy my little piece of hypocrisy for the day! :-)


  1. You mean like have a Pedroia auto and a Danny Bard auto in Tier 1. Yup. Right there with ya buddy. :)

    Actually, the most aggravating thing is making the A-lister players into short prints. Ortiz has been a short print in nearly every freaking set the past two years. It's bullcrap.

    I have a huge beef with Topps about not even bothering to look at a roster for the easy stuff, like Series 1. Last year there was a Dice-K card!! They guy was completely gone, unsigned, and yet he gets a card?!?! But I've got to wait until Update to get a Victorino? Shenanigans.

  2. For the memorabilia-heavy sets, they probably base the checklist on whatever bats and jerseys they have in the warehouse. "Hey Dave! Who do we got for the Astros?"

    "Uh, it looks like we got 1-1/2 Biggios and two or three of this Martinez guy!"

    "Okay! I guess that's who we're rolling with for Triple Threads, then!"