Thursday, January 2, 2014

Secret Santa Elfster by Crackin' Wax - Team Phungo Comes Through!

Paul over at Team Phungo runs one of the best Phillies blogs there is! He drew my name in the Elfster Secret Santa run by Crackin' Wax! I was thrilled to open the package to find these Astros beauties... yes, you're getting a bunch of scans! And Night Owl, yes, EVEN the base cards!
Gotta love some vintage there at the end! The Morgan, it looks like it was horribly miscut or someone tried to trim it for some reason, who knows? I love the Dierker and it's actually a better quality than the one I had, so it gets a binder page!

Now for those of you who just want to see hits!!! Haha, kept you waiting!
Freakin sweet Biggio Auto /25!!!! I have a few of these parallels, but was missing the /25 so this is a very welcome addition!

Paul, I hope you had an amazing Christmas! Your package ended up being the only cards I got for Christmas and boy did they put a smile on my face! Thanks bud and I hope your Elfster Secret Santa did you a solid addition to your collection as well!


  1. Good stuff! I hope Biggio gets into the Hall of Fame this year.

  2. 2 stupid Votes. Biggio in '15 I Say! Glad that the Biggio 3xThreads filled a need in the Dimwit collection. Hopefully the big products have more Astros in 2014.