Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another eBay Pick Up - Panini American Pastime

Panini, this is how you do an unlicensed product. Stop making it glaringly obvious that you don't have a license! Brilliant!
Double swatch? Check. Decent photo of the player in uniform? Check. No large blank area where a logo should be? Check. And nicely low numbered as well! I have the /25 version headed my way. I was slated to get a /10 laundy tag version, but the guy I had set up to bid for me fell asleep in his recliner and missed the auction. Can't blame him, he was bidding for me because I was already in bed! Ha! Needless to say, I like this effort from Panini. Really can't wait for them to get a license again because I really think they can do some great work.

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