Sunday, January 26, 2014

Another Awesome Trade with Greg

Ladies and Gentlemen, Greg over at the blog I refuse to type is a great trader. We've pulled off many huge Astros for Dodgers swaps and in the last couple weeks we pulled off another. Here's the first page of goodies:
Some nice Astros there for sure, not sure why Just Minors pulled the full Panini treatment on that Paulino, but whatever. That Bagwell sure scanned nicely!

Alright, onto the meat of the deal... Greg pulled a couple Hollywood cards out and I snagged them for my wife's collection!
A piece of Jacket worn by Woody Harrelson in Kingpin! And a Henry Fonda relic, both fit nicely into the wife's collection! Anyone with spare Hollywood hits, let me know, the wife is always looking to add to her collection! Will trade baseball for Hollywood any day!

Finally, some baseball cards round out the deal! 
Lance is on the verge of retirement, and what a career. Was he a HOF'er? Doubtful, but he had a career that any aspiring player would love to have. First up is a sweeeeeeet Lance auto from his minor league days as a Jackson General. Next, the Leaf Limited /100. That's a nice patch on the lower right! Finally, a minor leaguer who can certainly mash HR's, but K's a LOT. Don't know if Mr. Nash will ever make it to Minute Maid Park but I like his auto for sure. The Green parallel /399 is pretty nice as well!

Thanks Greg!

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  1. Thanks again for the excellent trade! I saw the post pop-up as I was working on a post for what you sent my way haha.