Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Rainbow... Incomplete... But Getting There

Ok, so when Topps made the grand decision to add Biggio to 2013 Topps Triple Threads, I was all kinds of excited, but I also know that I was going to be screwed because there would be all kinds of base parallels, auto parallels, relic parallels and printing plates to chase... good golly... but I have amassed quite a nice collection in the past few months and I'll go ahead and show off my mostly complete Biggio base card parallel rainbow!
Top to bottom, left to right - 645/650, 76/250, 64/125, 9/99, 29/50, 1/25, base. All I'm missing are the printing plates and the 1/1 Ruby parallel. All 4 of which I am fairly certain I'll never see, but I've got my saved searches on eBay primed and ready for them!


  1. That is a sweet looking rainbow as is. Nice job!

  2. Very cool. A fellow blogger just hooked me up with the purple Gwynn, so I might end up building one of these rainbows too. Best of luck on your hunt for the final four.