Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Well, That Didn't Last Long...

Ok, so my self imposed hiatus, death of the blog, end of the Dimwit, whatever you want to call it, is kind of over. I say kind of because this blog won't be what it once was... I've gotten a lot of cards recently and I want to show them off. I have no trade bait any more, everything is on my LCS's consignment shop eBay site and selling quite well I may add. Thus, I've been able to add some pretty sweet cards to my PC.

Plus, posts will be limited to what I can write before work, when I have time. I won't pressure myself to get a post up per day. I will have fun with this. I will enjoy it. (Yes, I'm talking myself into this, just let it happen people). So, to start this off, here's one of the sweeeeeet cards I've picked up in the past 2 and a half months...

Pretty sweet! Nice autograph, chunk of patch and a bat! Pretty mundane now with Triple Threads and Five Star right? Well, check out the back!
Yep, that's a 1/1! This was obtained 100% from the store credit I ended up with from my trade bait sales. Not too shabby. Makes it all worth it! Thanks for stopping by everyone!