Friday, September 27, 2013

eBay Mail Day... and Group Break News

Picked up this beauty to add to my Topps Silk collection! I love this one!
Only $7 on the old Bay of e.

An update on my question about the group break. Sadly, I've decided to pass on doing this group break. Once going over the checklist, I decided that Topps' decision making left too many teams with little to no chance of getting anything worthwhile and I'm not going to have all my blogging friends spend $20 a pop to watch a select few walk away with most of the hits. On a selfish note, the Astros have zero hits other than an /25 box topper redemption that involves all 5 teams from the AL West. Meh, I'll pass. If one of those 5 guys decides not to sign their stickers, everyone gets screwed. Thanks a lot Topps. Grrr...

Anyways, maybe some time soon on another product... or not... as you can tell by my post frequency of late, I am a bit burnt out again after the A&G spree that we went on. Although I am not as close to stepping away from the hobby as I was before the A&G spree. I'm having some fun with it again. I'm trying to get all my trade fodder uploaded to Sports Card Album but I'm finding that much more labor intensive than I had thought. That and I have way too much trade bait that no one wants!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I don't blame ya. IMHO the Topps Chrome checklist sucks this year. SEVEN teams get shafted without a RC auto at all. Another disappointing year of Chrome. I'm nearly ready to write it off entirely.

    On the bright side, Bowman Chrome actually looks really good, with a nice (albeit redundant) design and a way better checklist. I think it might be my chrome of choice this year.

  2. A few of us are running out of Astros for you . You still have a few good things in trade bait !