Sunday, September 8, 2013

Crazy Trade Night!

Hey everyone! Last night was the LCS's Trade Night... and the wife and I went a little Football Crazy. Got some nice stuff though!

First up is a full box of 2011 UD Sweet Spot College Football, which I actually won for free from the A&G Pack War!
That Baldwin is numbered out of just /75 copies!!! SWEEEET! The McShay is a short print extra, ended up with quite a nice box, since you're only supposed to get 2 of the helmets per box anyways! Awesome!

Next up, Topps Finest!
Ok, so obviously the Posey is from last year's Strata! But I pulled a Marcus Wheaton auto/relic from Finest and quickly traded  it for the Posey since the guy behind me was a Steelers collector! Win/win for both of us! The Denard Robinson is awesome! Sweet patch and nice auto, hope he does well in Jacksonville, just not well enough to beat my Texans!

Next, we have this year's Panini Rookies & Stars. I'm not in love with this set, but got some nice low numbered auto's!
The Taylor is out of 25, and the Nassib is out of /32. And how about an EJ Manual sighting???? Finally, they had some left over Father's Day packs, and if you bought a box of Rookies & Stars, you got a Father's Day pack... well, mine had this awesome Patrick Peterson Pro Bowl card with a piece of end zone pylon included! Unique and I love it!

Here's the newest product on the market, Topps Platinum football. Out of all the footbal we ripped, the Hotwit and I loved this one the best. Another guy in the shop pulled a 1/1 Robert Woods auto/patch refractor from this set, pretty awesome.
The Stefan Taylor is numbered /50 and I love the way the design of the card matches the team colors! How hard of a concept is this to master???? Another guy pulled a Christine Michael Seahawks card like the Taylor above and man did it pop with the neon green, grey and blue. Nice set, I was shorted a hit in my box, but my shop owner is going to help me out with getting a replacement from Topps.

Next to last, are some A&G, I bought some more and ended up with some more trade bait. I think/hope this is the last of A&G I buy this year. I'm all Ginter-ed out. Although if anyone is looking for full sets, full insert sets and more, I've got some for sale at low prices, I just need to get rid of this stuff! Let me know if you are interested!

Finally, the Hotwit and I busted a box of Panini Golden Age! And we got a bonus 3rd hit from the box:
The FONZ!!!! Nice extra auto! Kranepool? Meh! But Bob Hope will fit nicely in the wife's collection, as will the Winkler!

All the cards shown in this post (minus Fonz, Hope and Posey) are up for trade if anyone is interested!


  1. Wow, that was quite a day! I don't suppose I could pry that Denard away from you for something nice, could I?

  2. Doubt I have the Horses but I would love to make a run at the two AZ Cardinals.

  3. I love that McShay, Im a huge college football guy and love those kind of autos of the refs and analysts. Your package is on the way and should be there soon. If you like the stuff in there enough, maybe thats what you could hit me back with.

    Thanks dimwit,