Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Trip to the LCS, The Worst Box of Platinum Ever and Random Packs of Shiny

Wow, I've got a lot of cards to throw up on the blog today... I went to the LCS yesterday and blew through my monthly card money. I left a bit disappointed, mainly because the box of Bowman Platinum that I bought blew chunks. Pathetic. Anyways, I'll get rolling with the scans of purchases, eBay pick ups, and some random packages!
Refractors... Myers and Wacha not bad! Don't worry, it goes downhill fast from there...
Color parallels, nothing spectacular but they sure do look cool scanned!
And some prospects... don't worry Greg, the Seager is already in your massive pile, I sure hope you're finding some ridiculous Astros out there in LA for me.

All that, to lead to this:
And here we encounter the crap that was this box. First of all, two autographs of the same guy in one box?!?!?! Don't care that one is a refractor, this shouldn't happen. Joe Panik auto relic? It'd be fine if I wasn't already holding a couple of these from last year as well that no one wants. And two Braun inserts! The cardboard gods are horribly upset with me for some reason.

The wife and I then went on errands that included a stop at Target... where I got a Topps Chrome blaster, or as I call it - $20 worth of regret:
At least I got an Altuve out of it... oh, and while I was at the card shop I got 3 packs of Bowman Chrome:
The Bruce is out of /199 and the Samardzija is out of /35. Not bad.

Ok, so while at the card shop, after the Platinum box o' crap, I went for a box of Tier One...
Nieuwenhuis? Meh. Fielder redemption? Meh. Braun relic - I effin' hate myself right now. I should have just walked out after the Platinum box...

My LCS owner had a surprise for me, a replacement hit for a box I bought at last month's trade night, I was shorted a relic/auto from 2013 Topps Platinum Football and here's what I got:
That's a pretty awesome patch! It's numbered /1000 but still a nice card, I'll be rooting for Keenan Allen to succeed now.

Finally at the LCS, I picked up 3 packs of Tribute, because I truly hate my life and had money to burn...
I wonder if Topps will do a triple relic now that Reyes is on to the Blue Jays??? It's a nice looking card and sadly the best one I got from the days purchases in my opinion. Strasburg is just another pitcher now in the eyes of collectors and the Perez /35 auto is nice, just wish he played on a team that actually had fans who traded. Plus, I already have a Perez auto from Tribute /99. The gods mock me...

Onto some mail, which was much nicer to me than purchases were this weekend:
The black is /50, Singleton played the second half of the year at AAA Oklahoma, so these Corpus Christi cards of him will be pretty rare. Glad to pick these up!

Next up, The Dutch Card Guy send me a "just for the hell of it package" because we have been working together to get cards sent to him over there in The Netherlands! Thanks bud, I love the Folty auto for sure!
Finally, some cards from Jeff at 2x3 Heroes. These arrived in a good ol' PWE! Thanks man, I hadn't seen any of the Cooperstown cards yet and glad to get these two Nolan's!
Wow, what a day of cards!

If any of the non-Astros stuff interests you, please shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment! I would love to get some trades going! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I would like the Fielder Redemption Auto,How much are they going for ? I picked up his dads Auto on a ball while he played years ago . Although you have most Astro's & have ebay covered Lol !