Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Third Box from Last Week

So, last weekend I picked up three boxes... one I video'ed, one I am posting pack by pack and well here's the hits from the third:
That Castros is DIRTY! But it's also damaged along the bottom edge (by Topps, not me). When I was at my LCS yesterday, a guy pulled a similarly dirty swatch with the same damage on the bottom edge. You would think Topps' QC department would catch their machines damaging hits, but no that's an unrealistic expectation. I'm sure Matt would still love to deal for this one though! Haha! The Jones is going on eBay... the Sabathia, well I now have two of them... but that's a whole different story involving the LCS yesterday...

Let's just put it this way, with the boxes I had already bought, the wife and I have busted a case in total, and we have a case on the way. It's crazy A&G town in our apartment right now. I don't think I'll be posting all the results, there's just too many cards. But the really good stuff, you can find on eBay. I'm posting a bunch to recoup some money. My eBay seller name is samuelpair. So, go take a look... if I was smart enough to link it, I would but my brain isn't functioning right now.

If anyone is interested in a 350 card set with SP's, please let me know. I can do those for $35 shipped via paypal gift. I believe I'll have 2-3 more of those to sell. Let me know if there are any full insert sets you'd like, I'll give you a price on those. Will also get to a point of selling/trading singles and filling in people's set needs. Just let me know what you might be interested in. Needless to say, this year's A&G has rekindled my collecting fire a bit.


  1. That CC is nice. So unlike Topps not to use a photo that makes him look 600 lbs.

  2. Hey Sam, I could use an ATY Mike Schmidt if you have an extra. And I'm interested in the One Little Corner Insert set if you have one of those as well.


  3. Yeah, you know the drill. Set the Castro aside for me, and as soon as Topps produces some Astros hits that I can get my hands on, I'll send them your way. Either that, or some Texans.