Sunday, August 18, 2013

Commenting Issues

Guys, I just figured out today, that for about the past month Yahoo! has been sending all the e-mails for my blogger comments, and any conversations that are RE: or FW: of these conversations into my Spam folder.

I think I've solved the problem. But if you feel you've left a comment that you wanted me to respond on and I didn't, I really do apologize. Please e-mail me with anything you were wanting to make a trade on or whatever... sorry guys... my e-mail is



  1. So that explains why you haven't sent me that Mantle rookie yet. And I thought you were ignoring me.

  2. I had the same problem when Google updated . Instead of going into my "Primary"Inbox The "Dimwit" went to a "social" Inbox . I would be interested in the Tigers you Pulled from 2013 A&G . I know you had a Cobb & Feilder and probably something else . Thanks !!!