Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Box Break Interrupted

I interrupt this box break to show off some trades, pick-ups and other stuff...

First up is a trade with Scott Crawford of the aptly named Scott Crawford on Cards. This trade was involving a BUNCH of Texans cards but really the centerpiece of the deal was this beaut:
Cush has had his ups and downs, but he's coming back again this year in a contract year, expect big things!

Next up, an ebay purchase or two...
What's better than one Altuve relic? Three for the price of one! YAY!!!
A sweet dual auto of Jason Castro and Jordan Lyles. Also, a silk to add to my Silk Collection of Astros. This one of short time Astro Carlos Pena... we all knew he wouldn't live out that contract.

Next up, some Trade Night fun from a couple weekends ago. The wife bought a couple of boxes of Goodwin Champions... here's her loot:
That's TEBOW!!!! And Natalie Gulbis is nothing to frown about :) and this may be bad but I have no idea who Dave Casper is and I'm ok with that. The autos are a female skate boarder and a minor league prospect. Meh. Finally she got one of the Animal manu-patches! All for trade, and she's prefer Hollywood stuff in return!

Tomorrow, I'll show off what I got from trade night!


  1. Let me dig out my Hollywood stuff to see if she needs any of it for the Gulbis.

  2. Goodwin Champions has autographs of skateboarders? Damn... I see another project in my future.

  3. If I recall, Dave Casper played for the Raiders when they won the Super Bowl. Let me check Wikipedia....

    Ding ding....I win!