Thursday, August 15, 2013

2013 Topps Allen and Ginter - Box Bust - Pack #7

Good afternoon, here's pack #7 so far... some thing more than just base cards and inserts on this one! :)

Solid non-baseball guys & girls here. Wallenda, Vonn and Roy Jones Jr! Not too shabby! Again, the Across the Years could be tossed and I'd be fine with it. I like the red background behind Brock, even if he's a cardinal.

We have the first hit of the box...
Could it be more "meh"? Marcum is carving out a decent journeyman career but hardly who I want to see on a A&G relic. Maybe there's a Mets fan out there just clamoring for this card, maybe not...


  1. Oh, it could be MUCH more "meh." The full-sizeed relic out of my first box was of Chris Heisey.

  2. I pulled one Nelson Cruz relic each out of both of my A & G boxes. They were the mini-framed ones, but Cheatin' Nelson Cruz!?! Ugh.