Sunday, August 11, 2013

2013 Allen and Ginter Box Break

I'm back everyone... and I've got a series of posts to keep me blogging strong through the next few months! I've regained my collecting desire and I'm excited about some of the Astros that are showing up in Bowman and other sets. Hopefully you all have been pulling lots of Astros for me and we can get the trades flowing once again. Speaking of, I've got about 5 trades on my desk that I'll be getting out in the mail this week, I promise! Plus my photobucket needs some mass updates, as I've got all kinds of new trade bait!

So I grabbed some A&G to see if it would re-kindle my love for the set... actually it kind of did, it's a MUCH MUCH MUCH better looking set than years past, although I do miss the chance to actually get an autograph every once in a while... so hard to pull...

I got three boxes, video'ed opening one of them, so here you go... scans after the page break...

Before I go much further, I know I said the phrase "crazy Catholics" in there... I'm just saying, they are a very devout bunch and I'm sure one of them will think the card I referenced is the bee's knees...

Here are mini's of note:
By the way, I think I'll be going after the "The First Americans" and "Heavy Hangs the Head" mini sets... all others will be up for trade...

Alright, here are the hits!
Nice printing plate! Not a bad trio of hits. I can't complain about a plate and two stars. I've seen worse boxes out there already (including one of the other of the three I bought!)

Hope you all enjoyed. Everything in the video is for trade. I'll get a want list up later. I will be going after the Palaces & Strongholds & One Little Corner full sized inserts. The rest will be up for trade! 


  1. I posted my want list for A&G on my blog ( I'd love to work something out since I know you got at least one card I need from the scans!

  2. Congratulations on pulling the Pope. Didn't realize you posted videos on YouTube... looking forward to future box breaks.

  3. I'd be interested in some of the Cardinals you pulled. I have a ton of Astros I need to get off my hands. My email is if you might be interested. Thanks!

  4. Are you putting the plate on eBay? If not, what would it take to get it?

  5. Haven't had a chance to see video yet .Would be interested in any Tigers you find though !!