Friday, July 12, 2013

Trade Night Loot - Part 2 - Box #2: 2013 Panini Team USA Baseball

I decided to take a shot with some Panini cards since it was Team USA and they actually had the rights to those logos... I was pretty happy with what I ended up without of my box. You're promised 5 hits, but every box I saw opened had at least 6... I got 6 as well!
That first auto is numbered out of /10! The Nolan Fontana is a GREAT pick-up for my Astros PC! I have no idea who the redemption is, some guy names J.P. Ramirez... who knows. Not a bad group of relics either. I liked the base set and the die-cut inserts as well. Overall, a better effort than Topps put into this product.

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