Monday, July 1, 2013


Ok, so that was a little bit of a dramatic post title... but here we are, nearly 2 1/4 years after the release of 2011 Gypsy Queen and I have completed the 350 card (including SP's) BASE MINI REGULAR BACK SET!!!!! With this card, my binder is complete:
JAY BRUCE!!!! YOU ARE MINE!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! You all cannot believe how unnecessarily excited I am about completing this set... these mini's took a long time to gather. From trades, to purchases, to blasters out the wazoo... I am so glad to put this one in the books...

Now I can obsess over the autographs... and the Tarot Card Back Queens... and the Green Framed Parallels (got the want list posted yesterday here, just in case you were bored). Anyways, thanks for stopping by and thanks to all of those who have helped along the way!!!! Card #1 from The Daily Dimwit Top 20 Most Wanted has been captured. I'd do a cool photoshop-y deal with Captured across the front of this card, but I suck at photo editing and am entirely too lazy to do such a thing.