Friday, July 5, 2013

Another Elusive Card Captured

I think I did pretty well for getting this one in the collection for just $75...
It is nowhere near that off-center, the scanner just cut off a chunk of the left side of the card. A Cal Ripken Jr. auto never comes cheap and especially from this set. My understanding was that this was a redemption/replacement hit for the shorted boxes. A fine looking card and this is my 33rd auto from the set, I have one more that should be in the mailbox today to get me down to just 9 of the 43 confirmed autos left to find!

Hope everyone had a great July 4th!


  1. Congrats Nice Cal.

    Personally I don't spend as much as $75 even for a Cal auto. My limit for almost any card is less than $40, I'm cheap that way.

  2. Congratulations. Very cool Cal. Just curious... are any of the final 9 super rare? Whenever I build autograph sets, it seems like there are always a few that are super hard to find. Best of luck on finishing off your set.