Friday, July 19, 2013

A Couple of Pick-Ups

Sorry for the infrequent posts everyone... time has been a challenge to carve out, as the Hotwit and I have been preoccupied with a new little one in the house. No, not a child... this guy...
A friend found him on their property wondering around, starving and needing a home. We've welcomed him and are trying to get him housebroken. It takes a lot of time, and he's VERY energetic. We've named him Ludo (think of the movie Labyrinth). Hopefully he's on the right track and we get him to the point I can be in another room without him going crazy in the mornings so I can blog before work! Today is the test run!

So, for today, I present a couple of rare finds, just like our new guy Ludo.
I couldn't pass up on the printing plate with Jose in the AWESOME retro uni. And as we all know, I'm collecting Topps Silk cards of any Astro! So, another one off the list!

Have a great Friday and weekend everyone... and for those of you who follow me on twitter (@thedimwit) you know that I have something HUGE and AWESOME coming via eBay soon... can't wait to show it off here!


  1. try crate training, should help housebreak him fairly quick. He's a cutie.

  2. Congrats on the new dog! Housebreaking can be frustrating at times but stick to your guns and eventually you'll get there. It took the wife and I about 6 months to get our puppy to learn. Now if we could keep him from chewing the legs of the dining room chairs...

    1. It took my wife and I about 5 years and three dogs... to find kitchen chairs with metal legs!! haven't had a problem since!!

  3. Congrats on the little one! With the current one we took him outside so frequently we started to think he had a bladder the size of a thimble. It worked though.

    Now, if you get back in the breaking business, you'll have to teach him to help with the randoms.

  4. That dog may be the best hit I've seen this year. Nice pull.

  5. Congrats on the dog! With mine, it wasn't so much housebreaking, but if I forgot and left a stack of cards within her reach...
    She does a lot better now...6 months sounds about right.

  6. congrats on the pickups and your new family member!

  7. Dogs sure are a lot of fun. My old Basset Hound had to be put down at the end of May, and we recently found another one at the shelter who came home with us, luckily already housebroken. He gets very agitated when I leave the room or go to work, but he is getting a little less crazy. My first Basset peed on a whole pile of baseball cards when he was being house-trained.

    That printing plate is nice. I love the old Astros uniforms, with all the colors. Nolan Ryan's 1990 Topps cards are where it all started for me, so he's right at the Topp of my favorite baseball player list, especially in an Astros uniform.