Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Topps TOTALLY did NOT Redeem Itself... Jerks...

So I was supposed to get a 2012 Bowman Platinum Auto/Relic Refractor of Jose Altuve. Here's what I got instead:
 So basically Topps explains that instead of providing the card they PROMISED IN THEIR PRODUCT, they are manufacturing a card... then slapping a sticker auto on it, and calling it an fair deal. And guess what, it's a guy from NY!!!! BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW THAT THE ENTIRE BASEBALL UNIVERSE REVOLVES AROUND THE STATE OF NEW YORK! 
Don't get me a wrong, it's a nice card of a HOF player who, sadly is gone way too soon. I have no doubt that I will be able to trade it away to someone who actually collects Gary Carter, as it has no place in my collection. There is no card number on the back, no serial number, nothing about Gary Carter. Just a short statement on how all Topps Autograph Cards are witnessed by a Topps Rep. This is an absolute sticker dump. I'd rather they had used this sticker to make cards that actually make it into packs!!!! I wonder if there are any Gary Carter redemptions floating around... muahahahaha, that'd be rather poetic. Anyways, Topps you can go suck a golf ball through a garden hose. I wish you had even the slightest understanding of what collectors REALLY WANT, not just spend your time throwing crap on the market and expecting us all to gobble it up and call it wonderful. I have two more redemptions I'm waiting on. One is for The Dutch Card Guy and the other is for myself. I'm hoping I don't end up with two more of these Gary Carter cards.


  1. Well, I was going to do a post about this after reading about it on Cardboard Connection, but it looks like you've captured it perfectly right here. Since this is a bait-and-switch plain and simple, I really hope that if collectors don't go after Topps with class action suits, they at least stop buying their crappy products so they don't get stuck with idiotic redemptions. Good luck with your other two!

  2. Yeah, this is disappointing. I noticed the same thing recently as the market was all of a sudden flooded with a blyleven auto card that was new to me and also apparantly was from the redemption program....

  3. Sucks man, sorry it went down like that.

    On another note, I'd be interested in acquiring the Carter auto whenever we next trade.

  4. I don't understand. They can't produce your Altuve, but they can fire up the production lines to print off other cards? If it was simply a matter of tracking down Altuve for an autograph, don't they have contracts with the players for stuff like that?

  5. For what it's worth, they did the same thing with Ortiz. Ortiz "redemption autos" are all over ebay. It's BS.

    Altuve has on card autos in 2012 Triple Threads... a product that launched after BP. He was obviously somewhere, in the presences of a Topps representative, to sign those. They could have gotten him to sign some friggin sheets of stickers while he was there. Talk about lack of effort.

    I have FOUR 2012 Bowman Platinum (cause you know how I loved that thing) redemptions "pending". I don't have high hopes at all. I haven't received any letters yet though.

  6. Sad to see that happen to you !! I could see that happening 5 years down trhe road . But that was only last year . The Topps company's got too big & spread its self too thin . A case of the left hand not knowing what the right hands doing . In this case its a no-brainer !! TOPPS get your CRAP together !!!