Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Random Group Break Loot

I picked up a few slots in a break or two over at Crazy 8 Sports Cards breaks and got a few decent cards. Most of what you see is for trade and I've got base cards available from these sets for the Rangers and Rockies available as well...
The Rosario is the highlight of course. Glad I was able to get a Correa card as well. I really dig the Bowman Chrome mini's, a nice addition. If I was Yu's PR people, I'd be upset about the picture they used for the Canvas Collection but still a sweet card. Anyways, thought I did all right considering how late I jumped in on these teams and the price I paid. Of all the above, only the Ryan and Correa are staying in my collection.

Our mail should be re-started today, it was supposed to re-start on Saturday but our USPS here in Alabama is a bit on the "special" side. So hopefully I have some more cards waiting for me once they finally get it delivered!


  1. Yo, Sammy. Wanna join another break? :D