Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Astros Lot Pick-Up Part 4

Here we have cards of guys who either are in my PC or who are very close to being guys who I chase after:
Castro has been having a breakout year, now that he's healthy, I'm expecting big things. DeShields is a prospect I'm keeping my eye on because he's got a lot of speed and may be the answer at 2B if the Astros trade away Altuve. And two Bagwell relics that I haven't researched enough to see if actually have them already or not.

The final card in this Lot Pick-Up is one I'm fairly certain I already have, but is pretty awesome nonetheless. It's one of those great two-sided Quad relic cards from Absolute Memorabilia:
A HOF'er bat relic, even if it is Joe Morgan, and a piece of glove from Wade Miller. Wade fizzled out after a neck injury but for a few years there he was just as good (if not better) as Roy Oswalt.  On the back side of the card:
A nice Berkman and Hidalgo bat relic. Personally I'd have liked Berkman to be on the front of this card with Morgan but maybe Playoff decided they needed to force a reason for people to look at the back of the card! A nice low numbered quad relic out of just /150.

Overally, I'd say the lot was definitely worth the $15 I paid for it overall. Some nice second-tier additions to the Astros binders and a couple that I definitely think I can use as trade bait with fellow Astros collectors! Thanks for stopping by everyone!

Question: Do you guys miss the group breaks here at The Daily Dimwit? I'm starting to miss it just a tiny bit.


  1. Was thinking about the breaks , when the 2013 topps series 2 came out !!

  2. Same here on the group breaks, it's nice to have an affordable option every once in a while, lol.