Sunday, June 23, 2013

Astros Lot Pick-Up Part 3

The marginal Astros... these are guys who played significant time with the major league club but are far from my PC guys...
I know I have the Reynolds and Wallace already, but maybe they'll make good trade bait. The reset will go into Binder C of my Astros "hits and vintage" collection. Yes, I am up to three binders now. The first one consists of Nolan, Craig and Jeff. Binder B consists of guys like Roger Clemens, Lance Berkman, Jose Cruz, Mike Scott and other guys who I would actively trade for. Binder C is my binder of misfit Astros. Prospects and random hits of guys I don't actively trade for, but whose cards have ended up in my grubby little hands. The trio of Bogusevic autos is nice as it shows at least a little bit of consistency in signing his name, but is ultimately another reminder of how bad the Astros' front office was at drafting talent.

One more day of this series, it will show off cards that'll most likely go into my A and B binders... I really should come up with better names for these three binders... A, B and C is rather lame...

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