Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Astros Lot Pick-Up Part 1

So a Facebook friend posted a lot of 25 Astros autos and relics while I was on vacation and eventually dropped the price to $15. I jumped on it. I thought I'd break them down from the ones I needed/wanted least, up to the ones I really am digging the most. So, for the first post I have two TTM style autos. I am not always a fan of TTM-style or in-person autos that I didn't arrange or get myself. Just because I never know if they are authentic or not.
Richard Hidalgo was the guy we kept in the expansion draft instead of Bobby Abreu. Big mistake. Hidalgo had a couple of decent years but may very well have been a PED guy. He fizzled out and got traded away and never really regained his power stroke. Truby was your typical grinder, undrafted free agent guy who spent nearly 7 years in the minors working his way up to the big leagues. He stayed around for a little while and was traded to the Expos for Geoff Blum in 2002. Geoff is now one of our play-by-play guys in the Astros broadcast booth.

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