Sunday, June 30, 2013

Another Post Already????

Yes, I am posting again... because I've added a new feature to the blog... if you are actually on the blog, you'll notice along the top of the banner, there is a new "The Daily Dimwit Top 20 Most Wanted Cards". And if you click on that, you'll see the current list... there is a noticeable theme... ;)

Here's a link for those of you using a feed aggregator.

These cards are the ones I want most in order to move forward with current collecting goals. Most of them are kind of high dollar but there are quite a few "harder to find" ones that I just need help getting! Anyways, all of these cards will be traded for TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!

I did pick off one card from this list after publication, so I can't wait for it to get here and show it off... it's a GQ Auto and one I think is going to look amazing in the binder... only 9 autos from 2011 GQ left to complete the set, only one mini and it may be in the mail on the way, and 5 of the tarot card backed Queen cards. Getting so close, I want to show off all of these cards when I'm done, but I'm not quite sure how.

I don't know if I qualify as a "Gypsy Queen Super Collector" but I gotta think that I've got one of the most complete collections of this set out there. In a world where money was no option, I'd totally go after several of the other parallel mini sets, but I don't know if I should... I almost spent $220 on a hobby box last month and in hind sight would have probably regretted it especially since I probably would have been shorted an auto and there's likely no chance in hell that Topps would replace it at this point. Hell, they haven't even replaced our missing auto from the 2013 Case Break of GQ we did here on the blog. Jerks.

Alright, have a great Sunday everyone!

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