Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tribute... we're down to the final two...

This one may make the entire state of Georgia start drooling...
Tribute to the Stars ---- Chipper Jones ---- PATCH!!!! This card is extra thick, when I opened the box I could immediately tell that one pack was MUCH thicker than the rest, and I was hoping for a book card, but I'm VERY happy with this one. The red background makes this card pop! Awesome! There isn't anything about this card that I don't like. Awesome, awesome, awesome. #'d out of just 10 (his uniform number, eh?) this thing is just beautiful. I keep debating whether to sell/trade it or keep it. It doesn't fit any of my PC, but he's a great player and this is an awesome card.

It's very debatable whether this card is better than the last card in this countdown. As you've figured out by now, it's a printing plate, but oh the mystery... until tomorrow...


  1. Nice ! Better than a printing plate to me.

  2. A great card for the player and the serial-numbering, but I would probably rate your next printing plate as number one, because it's only a one-colored patch. I hope I'm not raining on your parade, and maybe it's just me, but I feel the same way about one-colored patches as most people feel about sticker autos.

  3. Great card, not sure if a printing plate can beat this (except a glavine and kershaw!) grats !

  4. Don't care for the Barves but wow, that's a keeper.