Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tribute continued... a couple more of my additions...

Alright, here's #9... is a prospect auto... well this guy is in the majors and doing ok, he's on my bench in fantasy but I'm not sure how long he'll stay there:
What a nice auto, right? It's semi-legible and it's more than just a couple letters scribbled across a card. Not too shabby.

Next up, a HOF... but a HOF that some people doubted for a long time. He finally got in! Jim Rice
I really like this design on the dual relics as well. "Famous Four Baggers"... there's a joke in there that I'm not going to put on my blog, but it's hilarious in my head. Anyways, a decent card and now that I think of it, maybe the Sale dual is a little better of a card but whatever...

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