Thursday, May 23, 2013

Three Museum'ed Astros

Picked these all up off the same seller on eBay... for a quick gripe: sellers and traders, PLEASE STOP USING CLEAR PACKING TAPE when sealing top loaders!!!! It makes it frustrating as hell to open the top loaders, almost ruins the top loader, and you end up with sticky residue all over the place. For the same price as a roll of packing tape, you can get this:
That's blue masking tape. Advantages: EASY TO SEE, JUST AS EFFECTIVE AS PACKING TAPE, EASY TO REMOVE and best of all: NO RESIDUE. Seriously people, it's a worthwhile investment. Easily found at most hardware and office supply stores. Even the regular white/yellow masking tape is an upgrade over packing tape.

Ok, so here's the meat of the deal...
The first Altuve is #'ed 35/35 and on the right, 13/50. The Pena is 13/35. Nice looking jumbo swatches.


  1. Yep, the Dimwit makes an excellent point. I have a large stack of sticky residue top loaders I've received from trades.

    Those are some LARGE swatches!

  2. I hate it when the seller doesn't put the card in a penny sleeve and the card gets stuck on the clear tape covering the top of the top loader. Totally screws up the top of the card in some cases!!

  3. I concur about the tape, and have had too many close calls as Colbey mentioned often with cards of some value. Sadly many of these sellers/traders also use the dreaded soft plastic "card savers" I have mentioned them several times in various places I even blogged about a close call with one (the white whale post the earlier one about my Cal Ripken Jr. RC)

  4. Blue tape: the Dimwit has spoken!!

  5. I will defend opaque scotch tape - just fold a tab and the receiver should be able to figure out to pull the tab off without griming up the card. I check every time before sending cards, but also use clear scotch tape destroyed top loaders for shipping purposes.

  6. GUILTY !!! But will try to change !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!