Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Tribute to Tribute continues... #4

I was really excited about this next one when I pulled it. For some reason as a kid, I really was a fan of this guy even though he wasn't on the Astros. There was just something about the way he played... plus I thought it was interesting how he jumped back and forth between the White Sox and Red Sox. Without further ado, a HOF'er autograph numbered 10/35!
How awesome of an autograph is that?!?!?!? You can read the whole name! That picture is pretty cool too, I'd have preferred this to be a Red Sox card actually, but it still looks cool. I love the old style chest protector and the backwards helmet headgear. You just know he's standing there about to start barking out orders to his infield with the glove on one hand, and holding the mask in his other. Love this card!

Well, to get you all even more excited about the next three cards, all cards from here forward are lowered numbered than this one...


  1. May not be a fan of Tribute bacause of price , But you definetly got your moneys worth ! Especially with the 3 cards you have left being better yet !!!

  2. That's a Pudge-tacular gem.

  3. Wow, nice one bud. Fisk is a bad ass, regardless of which Sox he's pictured with. ;)