Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Best Tribute Card I've Pulled... so far...

Well, the countdown ends today... with the best card I feel I pulled from my packs of tribute. There will be some debate as to why I picked this one over the Chipper and it will center on the fact it's a redemption. Yes, a redemption for a printing plate... oh yea, I may want to mention, it's an AUTOGRAPHED printing plate...
BISON!!!!! Greg over at Plaschke, They Sweater is Argyle got a picture of this via Facebook messenger within an hour of this being pulled. I finally decided this was better than the Chipper because it is a 1/1 and it is autographed.

I'm hooked on Tribute. We went by Target yesterday to grab some stuff, and I found myself starring at the card aisle with no desire to bust ANY of it. I walked away happy having not spent $20 on stuff that I don't want. I love busting Tribute, so from here forward it may be a matter of me saving up for packs or a box of the stuff. Should lead to some nice trade bait for all of you guys and girls, as there's little of it I'll keep for PC reasons. Anyways, all the cards you've seen in the countdown are FOR TRADE and all are unspoken for... I had a Facebook trader offer me $0.50 on the dollar for about half of these cards and this was the second time he'd done it, so I told him to bugger off and I'll find someone who actually wants to trade me decent value for them.

Hope you all have a great Sunday Mother's Day. One more thing before I go, I traded in my dying Mitsubishi Lancer last night, and picked me up my first ever "BRAND NEW" car. Say hello to my new ride:
That's a 2013 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab. I've desperately wanted a truck for a long time and we were in a position to do it without a change to our budget (due to other bills being paid off recently). The Hotwit and I have an awesome new ride! It's silver and came with a sweet "value package" that included a spray-in bed liner, utili-track hardware, towing package, rear-view camera, XM and all kinds of goodies... we may be going for a ride today!


  1. does this mean you need silver decals of texans and astros made for your new rides back window congrats on the new truck and great pulls and happy mothers day to all roll tide

  2. also i have tribute base numbers 8 15 19 23 56 70 94 will get them to you next time i see you

  3. Baller! Congrats on the Kemp and the new ride.

  4. CONGRATS !!!! On the new ride & Cards !!

  5. The truck is awesome... the Kemp printing plate is awesomer.

  6. Great card, and great truck! I got a bigger cab on my truck, too, to accommodate a child pressure.