Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Some More Tribute

Ok, so looking at the last 6 cards... I think I'll go one at a time because they all deserve their own post. My buddy Matt Pederson is going to love this next card...
What a design! Retired Remnants... Billy Williams bat relic... awesome looking card, great photo and numbered out of /99. I don't know if there is a blue parallel but if there is, I'm sure it'd look even more awesome than this one for all you Cubs fans out there.

This isn't part of the countdown/showoff, but I did end up with one parallel from all my packs. I thought this was odd considering I saw one guy open a box that had 4. But for anyone interested, here's the parallel that I got...
The parallels of the base card just look awesome. The clash between the orange and blue is just cool. If only there were Marlins fans out there. I really wonder if there are less Marlins fans than Astros fans now...

Alright, we enter the top 5 tomorrow... It gets a little bit more awesome each day!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome card, man, and I'm definitely interested.

    If that's #6, I'm really looking forward to see what you got for 1-5.