Saturday, May 18, 2013

Quick Update

Just wanted everyone to know, I have done a massive update to both my "Keepers List" that I link the side bar, as well as my "For Trade" photobucket if anyone is looking to trade.

I've picked up quite a bit lately and hopefully you find something you want in there!

See you all around...

The tune was in my head...


  1. That song has always been beautiful, heartbreaking and nostalgic to me.

  2. I'd be interested in quite a few cards on your trade bait. Email me at and maybe we could work out a deal. Thanks!

  3. Oh man, love those Fisks, that Verlander GQ, and I've been so intrigued by that Miggy redemption. Must have it! I have some sweet Bagwells, and maybe some other stuff you'll dig. I'll send you a more formal email soon.