Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mail Call

A few things to show off today... first we have some eBay pick-ups:
The Wallace bat is numbered /20 but it was damaged in the top middle of the bat during shipping. Boo... stupid USPS, they mangled the bubble mailer pretty bad. I now have the Pena /35 and this one is /50. Don't know if I'll hunt any of the lowered number ones.

Next up, a sweet auto I was able to snipe at a LOW price... I think I got this for less than the /99 one that I have...
I'm curious when he signed these and if he did so while on a plane, they are rather shaky looking. I tweeted about it when it first came out and FieldLevelView said his Tristar signing was very similar, shaky... his playing days autos were very smooth. Odd. Anyways, a SWEET looking card nonetheless.

Next up, we have a redemption update... I managed to pull one of the Triple Crown Miguel Cabrera redemptions and it finally came in the mail today. It was worth the wait!
This card is even more impressive in person! Die cut and shiny!!!! I love it, great looking card.

Finally a trade with blogger Dustin of Coot Veal and the Vealtones. He responded to my post saying that I had updated my trade bait and keepers files. We hammered out a trade pretty quickly.
I love getting new Bagwell cards! His is my one "superstar" PC that is really starting to lag behind because Topps is ignoring him even more than usual. He needs a card in Museum Collection, Archives or GQ. Seriously, Topps how do I make this happen?!?!?! Thanks Dustin!

Have a great week everyone.


  1. Cool, received the triple crown cabrera as well from topps last week, apparently redemptions do work !!

  2. I've got a Triple Crown Miggy that is still "pending," but I'm happy to see that it should be on its way soon.