Monday, May 6, 2013

I Interrupt This Tribute for an AWESOME trade, and eBay pickup...

First up, we have Greg from Plashke, Thy Sweater is Argyle. We have been bandying a trade back and forth now for about 2 months... adding a little here and there... out of the blue, he mailed his side of the trade. So it was a great surprise to open the mail and find this:
A nice buyback of a guy I never heard of, a crazy looking refractor of Arian Foster, and a purple parallel of a Bowman prospect who the Astros released earlier this year! Haha! Ok, so I had some fun with that but those are awesome cards!

The meat of the deal... a SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET Berkman patch!!!!
I don't think I ever heard of UD Premier, it's a nice looking set! This one is numbered /75, one patch is from the uniform number for sure, and the other is from the "Astros" or "Houston" emblazoned across his chest... 

And the big card of the deal:
If only I could train my scanner to ignore Carlos Lee! Haha! Ok, so I think that Lee swatch is from an All-Star or WBC jersey, but that's definitely part of the Majestic logo! The Pence relic is kind of blah, but the Berkman has a nice pin-stripe!

Thanks Greg for another great trade!!!

Before I wrap this up, I am going to totally overshadow Gregs deal with a card I picked up off eBay... my first EVER book card (Sorry Jeff, I know the one you're trading me is on the way soon, but I had to get this one!)...
I don't care if it doesn't fit right on the webpage... this thing is ridiculously awesome and it's going to be on "X-Large" setting. Ryan, Pettitte, Clemens, Oswalt, Berkman and Biggio???? Two patches???? Some rainbow Nolan love???? I picked this up for less than the LOW Beckett book value! Ridiculous! I am super pumped that this is my first book card and such great subjects! I am really surprised the guy accepted my offer, but I'm SOOOOO glad he did.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!!


  1. Holy Cardboard, Batman!
    That Berkman is sick, but that book is N.A.S.T.Y.!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congrats, my friend!

  2. I gotta admit - that book beats the one I am sending you.

  3. I love how the book uses five different Astros jerseys. VERY cool.

  4. glad you liked the cards!

    and that's a SICK booklet! surprised there's no Bagwell though.

  5. Those are some sweet patches. The Lee swatch is from a 2006 All-Star game warmup jersey.