Saturday, May 4, 2013

I have found my muse... her name is Tribute...

So, trade night happened tonight at BigHit Sportscards. It was a crazy night as it was their 5th anniversary of being open. I ended up spending my allotment for May and June in order to try and win the big prize: a Michael Jordan autographed jersey. I will spoil the anticipation, I did not win. But I did find out that I LOVE opening Topps Tribute.

These cards are ridiculously nice and while there are pros and cons to all products, I like the overall box quality... I bought enough that I'm not going to do a countdown like I did with the other two packs. Ha! Two packs? Yea, I totally went overboard this month on Tribute. But I'm pretty happy with my loot... I didn't get any additional Biggio autos, shucks, but I did end up with some pretty sweet cards.

Not counting duplicates, I'm about a third of the way to the complete base set. I think I may chase this complete set, so if you've got any to trade I'd love to make a deal! I will be adding a want list to the side bar soon, but if you want to tell me what numbers you have, I can let you know if I need them. I will also post what duplicates I have as well!

Ok, so I will kind of do a count down over the next few days... of the hits, from worst to "best" out of the packs I opened. I opened a total of 10 packs but ended up with 11 "hits"... you'll see... so far, this is the 11th best...
Oh Ivan Nova... if you were on any other team, you'd be just another guy on a roster. Seriously, put Lucas Harrell or Bud Norris on this card and you're in the same realm... but no, Topps doesn't think Astros collectors exist.  Alright, if an autograph #'ed out of 25 is the 11th worst, then you know I got some pretty good stuff. There is one collector out in the blog-o-sphere who knows the #1 card as I sent him a pic via Facebook. Please, no spoilers, you know who you are!

Ok, well I'll go ahead and do #10 as well here, as I don't want to drag this out for 11 days... the #10 best card from the evening:
Chris Sale! Nice! And numbered #1 out of 50!!!! eBay 1of1!!!!! WOO HOO!!! Haha... anyways, a nice dual swatch of Chris Sale, who may very well challenge for a Cy Young at some point soon. I love the look of this card, the dual relics broken up by a nicely centered action shot. Ok, it's 10:25pm, I'm getting sleepy... more cards coming in the next few days.

I really think I've been re-invigorated a bit...


  1. I'm interested in seeing what you got!

  2. This should be fun, love this set !!

  3. If you're interested, I am backwards-constructing a "box" of Tribute on my blog. Willing to part with the base cards I acquire.