Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2 Packs of Tribute - Card #4

Here's card #4, as promised it's a Red Sox player and a legendary one at that:
This man's death did not do justice to his life. Baseball legend and national hero. This is one great looking card, I can't imaging what it would be like as a rookie pitcher having to stare this man down in the batters box.
Two triple crowns? Reached base in some manner in 89.6% of games played? Ridiculous. Missed three seasons to serve his country and still outhit every other player in the league. Great info on the back of the card!

Well, that's the last of the base cards... we have one parallel and two hits left!


  1. Nice card. and I agree with your assessment Sam.

  2. Great post, great Ted Williams card. I've never ripped a pack of Tribute but I like the series a lot.