Saturday, May 4, 2013

2 Packs of Tribute - Card #1.... and an eBay pickup!

Well, we're down to the last card in the 2 packs! It's been a fun series of posts so we have the second hit, the autograph... and let me say, if I was a Rockies fan then I'd have loved these two packs...
Again, IF I was a Rockies fan, I'd be pretty excited. #'/ed #1 out of 35! Star catcher, decent signature. I have Wilin on my fantasy team and he's been having a pretty good year so far. Hopefully he continues to put up great numbers and this card grows in value :)
Another "Congratulations"... thanks Topps. Again, all of the cards in this series are for trade (except the Darvish, which has been traded to Mr. Napkin Doon and is in the mail!). 

I was able to confirm my original theory that for the price of a pack (or less) I could have picked up the one auto, Biggio, that I wanted from the set... 
I got this for $35 shipped. I was pretty happy with that price. Looking over a lot of the autos, there were quite a few where it looked like Craig signed them on a rather turbulent airplane ride. This one, not so much. So I went for it!
I love the blurb on the back. The Heart & Hustle Award, 2 time winner, the guy was all heart and hustle. I mean, he got thrown out trying to stretch his 3,000th hit from a single to a double. )
Have a great weekend everyone! And all you Rockies fans, make me some Godfather offers on that Tulo and Rosario! :-)


  1. I noticed that on the Biggios as well.

    If no Rockies fans claim the Wilin, let me know, and I'll see what I can scrape up for it. I have a Jason Castro auto and a Berkman Pristine bat piece to start.

  2. That Biggio is much better than the Rosario.

  3. The Biggio in what appears to be nice and thick silver sharpie?! Heck yeah! I'm a huge fan of this Tribute release and will be posting a few more soon, as well. Though, my recent pentafecta post features the best I could find at this point. : )

    A fan of neither team, but a fan of both cards.