Monday, April 22, 2013

Topps Redemption Team Sucks

So, I got a notification that I had a Topps Redemption that was not going to be able to be fulfilled for a 2012 Triple Threads Danny Valencia sepia auto/relic. I wasn't all too concerned about that card in particular so I called and asked for a equitable replacement and since the Astros (per the redemption specialist) "are so unpopular right now" that it shouldn't be a problem getting an Astro in replacement. So I was naturally thinking, "Cool, maybe an Altuve from this year's triple threads!" No, not so much...
So many things wrong here, 1) Brett Wallace is no Danny Valencia. 2) This is from LAST YEAR, 2011! At least give me a current year card! 3) This is numbered higher than a sepia, so less rare. 4) There is no way this card is worth as much as the card I had redeemed.

The only saving grace is that this is a card I didn't already have. Brett's signature sucks completely. Topps, score this one as another instance where your team of decision makers sucks. Geez, Brett Wallace... at least he hit a HR in his first game after we demoted him to AAA!


  1. I fear the Redemptions process already...I have one on shipped already for months and not seen anything and now chasing the Glavine redemptions (really hope those are translated into real cards someday!!).

  2. well, at least topps didn't go bankrupt while your redemptions were in for processing like fleer did when i submitted at least a half dozen dodger related patch/auto redemptions (garvey, fernando, etc). i wound up with basketball jersey cards, among other lame remnants.

    still, i agree that wallace is a poor substitute.