Monday, April 1, 2013

Top 10 Cards From A Re-Pack - #6 and #5

Alright, I missed a day yesterday after posting all my awesome mail stuff... so I'll knock out two cards in one post... plus I was super excited to watch my Astros beat the Rangers last night... Lastros? More like FIRSTros... muahahah!

#6 best card from the re-pack:
Juan Marichal from Heritage. Love the high leg kick... And somehow Topps was able to use "Colts" on this card, but couldn't secure the rights to use it in this year's Heritage for the short prints????? Stop with the lies Topps, you just wanted another reason to SP a Bryce Harper card... bastards...

#7 best card from the re-pack:
A spiffy green parallel from Bowman Platinum. I love it when a card parallel matches a team's color. Sweet lookin' card of a perennial All-Star.

Alright, only 2 days until GQ hits the market! Hopefully I'll have the cards Thursday, Friday at the latest from Atlanta Sports Cards!

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  1. GREAT Mail Day &&& a " W " . What more could you ask for !!!