Monday, April 1, 2013

Sponsored Post - Dress United Custom Tees - Product Review

Recently, Jessie at Dress United contacted me to see if I would use and review his website to design a custom made t-shirt for my blog. I gladly accepted, and as many of you participated, I ran a contest of my own to pick a slogan for my t-shirt. Jeffrey won and his shirt is on it's way to him!

First of all, let me start by saying that the actual site could not be easier to use. Design options included regular & long sleeve tees, sweatshirts, women's shirts, and hoodies. Within each, there are layers of pricing depending on your budget, there was the "budget" option for big bulk purchases, "Classic" for your standard Hanes t-shirt look and "Fashion" for the higher end shoppers who dress to impress! Each had their pros and cons of course and I settled on the "Classic" as I wanted a T-shirt I could wear every day.

Next, simply pick a color of t-shirt. There are 24 base colors to choose from, so options a plenty. Add text to the front and/or the back. Finally, decide if you want some clip art or a custom image uploaded to be placed on the shirt. There are easy to use tools along the way that will allow you to center your image/text and allow you to see exactly what the shirt will look like upon completion. In a hurry and need to come back to a half-completed shirt later? No problem, you can send a link of your design to your e-mail to access later. After that, it's simply a matter of choosing how many you need and what size(s) to include in the order.

The only "con" that I'd have is the type of Hanes shirt they use, the tag is located along the bottom seam of the t-shirt and constantly flips out. I simply cut it out.

Overall, the design and order process couldn't be easier. Here is the shirt I ended up with, sorry for the slightly less-than-desirable photography!

Front            and           Back

I really like how it came out! I've been proudly wearing it around since I got it in and it makes for a fun way to get your blog some attention as well. Hopefully Jeffrey wears his to card shows and the like, people will be sure to flood him with offers for Astros cards!!!! Haha!

Jessie and the fine people over at want my readers to share in the joy of these shirts and are offering a 30% discount to all my readers, just use the coupon code: BLOG30OFF4U at check out and you'll get the discount! I'd love to see shirts popping up all over the blog-o-sphere showing off our handy work! Thanks Jessie and thanks!


  1. How long ago did you get it? May want to consider washing it... I'm just sayin...

  2. They are AWESOME Guys !! And you will see me all over ( Provided you come to South Dakota ) LOL . I'm a T-Shirt guy , So I wear them all year long ! ( Yes , I occasionly wash them ) !!!! Jeff

    1. Also Thanks for the Cards !! Especially the Well Loved 1953 Bowman !! Jeff
      Sorry if your email got a couple extra Notes . The computer decided on its own to update to something without telling me !!!!