Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mail Day - Epic Astros Pick-Up Lot - Topps Redemption

So, I recently sniped a big lot of Astros off eBay for the opening bid of $19.99. Let's see if I overpaid...
Carlos Lee relic... meh... Carlos Beltran Sweet Threads and Dual Relic = AWESOME; the Dual Relic is #'ed out of 100!... The flip side of the Roy Oswalt on the left has a relic, so a decent couple of cards, and the Oswalt is #'ed /50. Nice!
Jason Lane, failed "big time" prospect from a few years ago, I don't mind picking these two up as I didn't already have them, the one on the left is #'ed out of 75 and the other is /250. Not bad. Adam Everett is back in the organization as an instructor, glad to add an auto of him, Miller and Taveras. Miller is /250, Taveras is /500. Not too shaby. Oye, more Carlos Lee, let's pretend those aren't there... Morgan Ensberg, the only knock I have on this card is that the jersey swatch key hole should be a home place and not a curved cutout. #'ed out of 1000, if you make that many, why number them?
Starting to get to the meat of the deal. Berkman Bomb Squad from Pristine, LOVE IT! Berkman from UD Etchings, LOVE IT! I love the branded logo and design. Don't care if neither is numbered. Awesome. Biggio bat card, awesome. On the back, it shows two bats and a pair of cleats and says "This is a photo of the actual item from which this swatch was taken." Wow, great work getting that wood out of those cleats Playoff... and I thought Topps was the only incompetent card company. Passing The Torch Bagwell, you guessed it, AWESOME. Love the design and this one is /250. Finally, Roger Clemens, my knock on this is that it's obviously a Yankees swatch. It's /165 so I'm not complaining!!!!

Finally, the card that initially drew me to this lot... yea, I'm showing the back first:
#'ed 8 out of 100!!! Woo hoo!!! Hidalgo and Lane = meh... Jose Cruz??? AWESOME! And a piece of 80's Astros jersey!!! SWEEEET! Ok, here is the front:
Bagwell, Berkman and Beltran? Did someone say Killer Bees? Haha! I absolutely love this card! My only conundrum is where to file it in the binder... me thinks it will go with my Bagwells!

I more than got my money's worth. 19 auto/relics for $20... can't beat that even on COMC! I will be keeping my eye out for deals like this on eBay from now on! Any time you can win an auction for the opening bid with no competition it's great! Thanks for stopping by!

Wait wait wait... I almost forgot the redemption I got in the mail today!!!!
Can't complain about waiting for that one! Nice auto and such a shiny card! Up for trade!


  1. Jeebus! Good scores!

    I'm building up a cache of nice Astros that I hope you do not have.

  2. That is an amazing pickup at a buck a card.

  3. How SWEET it is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. sweet pickup Sam! I've long been a fan of the "only bidder" auctions on eBay as well as the large lots for insane steals. just got one myself actually.

  5. That's a hell of a lot you grabbed there.