Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mail Call!!!!!

Got lots in the mail this week that I wasn't able to post because of the group break posts and general malaise... alright, that was a big word for me, that doesn't happen very often... ok, back to the post...

Before I get going on mail, I do have something I'm trying to sell for a buddy of mine. It's PSA authenticated as you can see in the scan. He'd like to get $160 for it (including shipping). So let me know if you are interested.
Alright, onto the mail...

First up, a contest winning from Twitter:
Danny Jackson anyone?

Next up, Topps sent this to me certified... not sure why... they spent more on postage than it cost to buy it off eBay right now... whatever...
Finally, a SWEEEEEET pick up from eBay!
An Altuve Magenta Mini Printing Plate from 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen! Awesome! I have another one on the way!

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