Thursday, April 4, 2013

I've Got Mail!!! And A Group Break Update

Got some mail today... a few eBay packages...
 The 2012 GQ mini set is COMPLETE!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!
 I picked up all three of these in order to get the auto, I now have duplicates of the relics, so if anyone wants to trade for them, by all means...

Finally, this beauty:
Not too shabby of a mail day!

Alright those in the Case Break... I have sorted all the base cards (OMG I AM TIRED OF SORTING) and we have 3... count 'em 3 base sets to giveaway. Now, in order to facilitate me getting these out on time I have already asked an independent third party to do the randomization and post it to his blog, as soon as he does I will post a link to the results. Unfortunately this will be a tell for some of you, as there will be 11 extra entries into the prize pool for "hitless" teams. So many of you will be able to figure out pretty easily if you ended up with a hit or not... but I need to get it done so I can start prepping for shipment. I have my parents in town next weekend and work is kicking my butt. So, sorry if it spoils anything for you guys going forward. Good night everyone, box 4 to be posted tomorrow!


  1. I am interested in one or both of the Ortiz relics. Email me please. Thanks.

  2. Grats on completing the minis set, great achievement !

  3. Congrats on the set! And that sweet auto!

  4. Good job on 2012, and I'm glad to hear that 2011 is nearing completion!
    That is a pretty sweet mailday, lol.