Saturday, April 6, 2013

April Trade Night Pick Ups

I was on a limited budget this month, so really I only bought a limited number of packs of Gypsy Queen. Honestly I don't know if I even had the strength to make it through another whole box, so probably a good thing I was limited in my budget... anyways, here's what I managed to pull from my packs:
Not too shabby: Gose (was an Astro on paper briefly before a trade to Toronto for Brett Wallace), Verlander and Marcum. But the Gose won me the pack war and netted me this:
Yea, that's an 8x10 of Frank Robinson (certified). Sorry for the bad camera work, but my phone insisted on a flash. This photo/auto is very appropriate, as you'll see in the GQ break videos coming down the line. I've said too much...

Next up, a friend of mine at the shop, Mr. Tucker, pulled the following card and make a trade for a football card he wanted a little more. I probably got the better end of the deal, but that's how Mr. Tucker operates, never lets you get the sour end and he had no interest in it anyways. I thought it fit perfectly in my wife's Hollywood collection!
Speaking of the wife, luck was on her side tonight. She won the Door Prize drawing and got the following:
That's a Charlie Ward autographed FSU mini helmet (and some crap on my desk... some would say even the helmet is crap, but that's beside the point). If anyone is interested, she is looking to deal it! So let the offers come pouring in now...

Another fun night at trade night. Glad the wife was able to get in on the fun as well!

Stay tuned tomorrow for box number 6!


  1. what would it take to get the ward helmet sam

  2. Also an Idea on what thw Verlander might run for in a trade too !!!

  3. I'll file that Gose into my memory. Maybe I can find a Brett Wallace and we can reconstruct that Blue Jays-Astros trade from 2011.

  4. All great pickups especially the Frank Robinson Auto. Love the blog btw I'm following check mine out feel free to join the site if you like what you see. Good luck to the Stros in the AL.