Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen - Group Case Break - Box #8

Here's today's video:

Scans after the page break:

There should be a picture here, but The Dimwit was being a Dimwit and accidentally sorted these into team stacks for mailing before scanning the SP's in... my bad... 
Mini's and Blue Frame:
That Palmer is sweet! As is the Ross sepia! White and Red Sox pick up numbered mini's as well!
The Brewers score bit in this box, the Brewers did very well in this break overall, oddly so. Nice auto for the Rays and the Cubs get more Garza love! 
Oh yea, and then there was this BONUS:
Ok, so I honestly wish this was for someone in the break that didn't get a hit, but I'll take it for sure! HOF'er printing plate! Awesome... especially fitting since I won the framed autographed photo of Frank at my LCS Trade Night Saturday night. I may have to find a way to incorporate the plate and photo together! Anyways, I was pretty happy to have pulled the plate, and good to know that plates didn't count against "hits" in the box as well!


  1. Nice plate. Just kind of snuck up on you there.

  2. I'm glad you had cincy. No Biggio or even a Ryan in an Astros jersey SP is a crime. Not so glad Topps is not consistent with which team Frank is on hyah!