Thursday, April 4, 2013

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen - Group Case Break - Box #3

Here we go with box number three... for this one, I beg you to watch the video... you don't have to but please do... :)

At this point, I've actually got all the boxes busted and started sorting the massive pile of cards... this is going to take me a while, thus the 1 video a day... gives you all time to catch up and hopefully I can have these shipped out before next weekend.

Scans after the page break...

First up, short prints!
While the wife and I were sorting last night, we found a Ralph Kiner SP in the base card pile, maybe we didn't get shorted this box... maybe...

Next up, the #'ed mini's and blue border:
That Coco Crisp is hilarious and looks AWESOME with the green border. Can't complain about that Dawson either, nice looking cards.

Our first three hits from the box:
Vida Blue, nice auto! Marcum and Cruz, not too shabby. Congrats to Peterson, Carlos and Bobby!

But the biggest set of congratulations goes to daddyohoho!!!!!!!! For this ridiculous card!!!!
 That's #'ed 8/10 and is pretty freakin' awesome! Congrats!!!!!


  1. That's pretty sweet since a Halladay patch was on the sell sheet.

  2. That box makes up for the box #2 in a big way for sure.

  3. Another fantastic pull! Between the Halladay and the Vida Blue, this was a pretty loaded box.

    Also, with the Dawson numbered card, that makes me three-for-three with hits or serial numbered minis. Let's keep the good luck rolling!

  4. I watched the video first!! Nice. Check out my blog'll be surprised.