Wednesday, April 3, 2013

2013 Topps Gypsy Queen - Group Case Break - Box #2

Here's the video:

As always, scans after the page break...

First we have (5) short prints, missed one in this box... common theme...
Next up, the numbered mini's and parallels:
We got an extra blue parallel... that last pack was funky... methinks Topps screwed up with this box...

Finally, the three hits we got out of this box... shorted by the wonderful Topps Company... I have contacted them, hoping to get a replacement.
Congrats to daddyohoho, Carlos and myself... really hope Topps stands by their product and offers us a replacement.


  1. Topps screwed up? No way. You must have counted wrong, Sam. I a certain it is all your fault as a fine, quality company like Topps never makes mistakes.

  2. Is this set better then last year's?

  3. Topps Heard you about Kruk !!!!! Result - 1 less hit !! Watch out !! they may eliminate the STRO"S next ( I agree - More Astro's , More Biggio & Bagwell )