Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2013 Gypsy Queen Group Case Break ---- UPDATE

The case shipped yesterday! Per UPS, it should be delivered today. Now, temper your expectations because they will deliver it to my apartment complex office, and sometimes they are closed by the time I get home from work, so there's no telling when I'll actually get lucky enough to pick it up. But hopefully they are still open when I get home today and I can at least get one video posted tonight.

Additionally, I have heard back from everyone in the SHARE/KEEP question. We are set and the spreadsheet is updated. Looks like everyone should get a nice number of cards overall. A big thanks to you guys who have the "big" teams like the Yanks. Spreading your dups around will help guys like me get a few extra cards. Lord knows I don't need 10 copies of Jose Altuve all for my lonesome!

So excited for this, my mind has been all over the place trying to envision what our case hit will be!!! Also, just as an FYI, I don't know if I spelled it out in the rules exactly but printing plates are considered hits. Any "Gypsy King" or "Gypsy Queen" cards will be randomly assigned at the end of the break and will not count towards "hits" if they are the autographed versions.

Hope to have some pack busting done tonight everyone!!!!


  1. You take the day off work, dude. Aren't we the most important people in your life?

  2. Gypsy Kings/Queens offed to teams without other sorts of "hits?"