Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2 Packs of Topps Tribute... 10 Cards... Another Countdown!

Alright, so I figured this might get the creative juices flowing again...

I went to the card shop today after work and was tempted by Tribute. There is a Biggio auto that, now that I think about it, I could have bought 2 of instead of 2 packs of this stuff... grr... anyways... I like ripping packs... So I bought two with the funds I had available. I figured I'd do another Dimwit Countdown!

Without further ado, here is card #10... supposedly the "worst" card from the two packs:
Hanley... such a promising future a couple years ago... now, who knows... It's a sweet looking card though, but of all the subjects in my 10 cards, he is the least awesome of the group in my humble opinion. I'm sure Greg, Speigel and NightOwl will disagree...
I decided to scan the backs as well... I think my scanner is a little off, but nice looking cards! Topps does pretty well with Tribute.


  1. My LCS is putting these at $60 a pack. I just can't drop the cash knowing I'll pull a crappy Jacob Turner or something equally shitty.

  2. Without seeing any of those 9 remaining cards...
    I humbly disagree also.