Friday, March 29, 2013

Top 10 Cards From A Re-Pack - #8

This series is getting me depressed already... top 10 cards... and this is #8...
Tchaikovsky is more exciting than most of the baseball players that I got in this re-pack. Crazy, eh? It's a Musical Masters mini!

Ok, so I did get a cool card in the mail yesterday. I saw three of these pop up on eBay last week after literally not seeing a single one for 6+ months... so I snagged the one ending earliest just to get it done and over with... not too shabby, won it with a single bid. Not a lot of competition for this guy's auto I guess!
This leaves me with just 14 more autographs to get from this set... 29 down... seriously, if you have any GQ 2011 autos to spare that I don't already have, you will get the better part of any deal we put together!

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  1. And you bought that Beckham for me. You are always such a nice guy, Sam.