Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Top 10 Cards From A Re-Pack - #10

So I bought one of these:
And I figured, I'd do a series of posts showing off the 10 best cards I feel I got out of this thing... #10, an awesome HOF'er:
Aaron just looks awesome in the picture and I love the design on this one! Alright, moving along, tomorrow we'll have #9!


  1. Good idea. I bought a couple of those and I think I'd have a hard time picking ten.

  2. Where do you find these types of re-packs? The store with the red parallels? Or maybe the blue parallel store? The only ones I can find boast of 100 cards plus four packs.

    I didn't buy a lot of 2012 product and I'd definitely be interested.

  3. 11 packs - you should give us the 11 best. :)

  4. Not a bad way to pass your time until the GQ case arrives!

  5. That A&G Aaron is one of my favorite cards out of that set. Sweet artwork.